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Membership Eligibility

Financial District

Become a Member

TSSAG members comprise a diverse selection of independent providers to the Securities Services industry whose collective aim is to support, enhance and promote the Securities Services industry. TSSAG acts as a single voice of this community

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Unconstrained by geographic boundaries, by combining multiple core service areas and differentiating attributes, TSSAG Members will help create synergies, best practices and alliances for the benefit of the Securities Services industry and their Clients. 

Membership Eligibility Requirements

Every member firm will have one vote. New Member Institutions are able to join if they are sponsored by two existing member firms. A vote at a meeting will be taken to accept the new member where at least 60% of the existing members should agree to the new member joining. Firms requesting membership should be able to demonstrate the following qualities listed.

While there are no formal entry requirements, the entry criteria to be evaluated by those sponsor firms will cover the entry criteria listed below

  • Reputable name in the City/ Country/Region

  • Have expertise in the areas in scope for the Group as listed in About us Section, above

  • Individuals with a proven track record as a recognised expert gained from practical employment in the industry

  • Individuals who demonstrate professionalism and high degree of integrity 

  • Member of qualified Associations (local and International), Professional License to practice as applicable

  • No previous disciplinary Action/ Lawsuits

  • Awards and honours (preferable)

  • High quality services 

Membership Benefits

  • Member of an international multi-practice network

  • Service international clients

  • Access to other geographical markets

  • Referral work (intra-country/intra-region and intra-network)

  • Sharing of knowledge and insights

  • Access to global resources

  • Participation in international projects (private and public)

  • Access to TSSAG international periodicals/newsletters

  • Access to TSSAG website and marketing team

  • Participation in TSSAG workgroups

  • Participation in global and regional networking conferences and events

Membership Obligation 

The membership agrees to support each other in every way possible to enable Client Mandates to be executed effectively and efficiently. In doing so the membership commits to the following:

  • Foster collaboration through regular meetings to discuss opportunities and share eligible information amongst the membership

  • Wherever possible to make reference to TSSAG in client events industry conferences and at relevant media exchanges

  • Membership will make all efforts to understand the specific skill sets of other Member firms so that they are able to promote the Membership skills where appropriate

  • Membership agrees that successful cross selling activities should be compensated, and this would be agreed on Member for Member and case for case basis

  • Membership agrees that all attempted and successful cross selling can be recorded by the TSSAG, subject to confidentiality. Membership agrees that each Member may display the name of other Member firms as part of any advertising either as the name of TSSAG or as the name of the Member Firm. In case the names of other Members are used, these members should be notified in advance

  • Membership will always agree to abide by a high level of integrity and confidentiality in any collaboration so that names of clients or sensitive projects remain subject to disclosure agreements

  • Member Firms that are deemed to have become a liability (adverse press, behaviour unbecoming to a professional organisation, corruption or assault) to TSSAG can be expelled by a vote of 60% of the Membership

  • It is not incumbent upon any membership of TSSAG to use the services of other membership of  TSSAG

  • All discussions within the Membership of TSSAG remain confidential unless clearly designed and agreed for public consumption. If any Member/s come to a mutual arrangement, then a NDA is likely to be activated. However, this will be outside the purview of TSSAG

  • When a member firm posts items to social media, other firms in the association who agree with content will actively "Like" or proactively "comment" on the posting

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