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Research | Regional | July 20 

Chapman’s Eye on The World

Whilst we appear to be coming through the first stage of the medical (coronavirus) challenge, race issues have again risen to the fore in the US - replicated to a thankfully lesser extent in the UK

Research | Regional | July 28 

DLT in the Real World

 Reaching across the entire financial services industry to provide uniquely comprehensive industry benchmarks around how we are planning, progressing and realising our DLT ambitions in the real world.

Research | Regional | June 20 

Grey Costs Per Trade
Oversight, Hidden Risk and Opportunity

Speaking with investors, brokers and banks across the industry, there is a consensus
that we have no more than a 50%-accurate view of our true costs per trade.

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TSSAG will be the rigorous arena in which synergies in thought and the cultivation of fine-tuned ideas will be created. Aiming for the best interest of our clients we will work hand in hand across the magnitude of our and other markets in which we operate.


Chapman’s Eye on The World

RESEARCH | REGIONAL | JULY 2020 Whilst we appear to be coming through the first stage of the medical (coronavirus) challenge, race issues have again risen to the fore in the US Read more

Regional Analysis - Minimum Standards for Exchange Control Mechanisms

RESEARCH | REGIONAL | JUNE 2020 Members recommend minimum VCM standards (in Red) to promote more robust and stable markets, but also highlighting international best practice (in Amber) and additional guidance (in Green). Discussions with exchanges and regulators in the region are underway to share perspectives as well as to confirm accuracy of the analysis. Read more

Asian Brokerage in Transformation

RESEARCH | REGIONAL | JULY 2020 Our “Asian Brokerage in Transformation” survey, conducted in May 2020 in cooperation with Broadridge and Interactive Brokers, is designed to provide with actionable insights on how Hong Kong’s investors are changing and how its brokerage industry is adapting to keep up. Read more

The Digital Asset Revolution

RESEARCH | REGIONAL | JULY 2020 Digital assets are an emerging asset class that are supported by technology that will revolutionize how financial markets operate. The term is broad but typically used to describe assets stored on distributed ledgers. Digital assets include cryptocurrencies and non-currency assets such as utility and security tokens. Some examples of cryptocurrencies are Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple and unlike traditional ledgerbased assets, digital assets are supported by a blockchain which is a series of connected ledgers where the details of executed transactions are recorded. Read more

Feature Ease... Keep Them Coming

Capital markets emerged as a viable alternate to the banking finance juggernaut that dominated Indian landscape. Increasingly countries are engaged in developing their Capital markets as a viable alternate to Banking. Read more









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TSSAG members comprise a diverse range of leading institutions, from banks and asset managers to professional firms and market infrastructure service providers.


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To drive industry growth by leveraging our multi-practice, global network of specialised, accomplished expertise in the Securities Services to provide unique insights on important market themes. To be a first in class network dedicated to helping clients to establish, build, run and grow their businesses, while remaining independent as member firms, sharing knowledge and resources through the TSSAG network

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