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Thought Leadership | Regional | September 2023

Prompting AI to enhance securities services

Rapid adoption of technology in financial industry poses huge challenges and opportunities

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Thought Leadership | Regional | September 2022

A tale of two cities

Hong Kong’s Covid policy and US-China tensions have seen firms and talent move to Singapore, presenting new challenges to the city state.

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Thought Leadership | Regional | April 2022


By now I believe most Asset Management firms know what GIPS® is. The 2020 Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS®), developed by the CFA Institute was a significant revision of the original standards published in 1999 and revised in 2010.


Thought Leadership | Regional | January 2022

Competition for China’s custody market stiffens

China’s custodian banks have been on a roll over the past two decades. But now their margins are being squeezed and new challengers are appearing on multiple fronts


Thought Leadership | Regional | June 2021

Grey Cost: Know Your Market

TSSAG board members Barnaby Nelson, Viraj Kulkarni, Matthieu
Herbeau, and Jim Harris discuss grey costs, the impact of clients on
initial market entry, and the changes expected in the near future... published by Asset Servicing Times


Research | Regional | March 2021

Digital Custody - Alfasec Research Report

The growth of digital assets and their increased usage as an investment opportunity had initially been met with great skepticism

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Thought Leadership | Regional | December 2020 

Settlement Through Custodians for India's non-Institutional Investors

Indian Capital Market Regulator, Securities Exchange Board of India (SEBI) is examining the possibility of introducing T+1 settlement

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Research | Regional | July 20 

Chapman’s Eye on The World

Whilst we appear to be coming through the first stage of the medical (coronavirus) challenge, race issues have again risen to the fore in the US - replicated to a thankfully lesser extent in the UK

Business Meeting

Research | Regional | June 20 

Grey Costs Per Trade
Oversight, Hidden Risk and Opportunity

Speaking with investors, brokers and banks across the industry, there is a consensus
that we have no more than a 50%-accurate view of our true costs per trade.

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Thought Leadership | Regional | September 2023

Understanding GIPS®: A Crucial Perspective for Trustees and Asset Consultants in the Retirement Fund Industry

In the fast paced world of asset management, accurate representation of performance is crucial for both asset managers and potential clients. Enter the Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS®), a set of guidelines that enable asset managers to present their performance in a fair and consistent manner.

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Thought Leadership | Regional | June 2022

Crypto asset hubs

Financial centres across the world are stepping up efforts to establish themselves as crypto asset hubs as mainstream adoption gathers pace.

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Thought Leadership | Regional | April 2022


The Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS) are industry-defined voluntary standards, which investment managers can use to fairly represent their investment performance to potential clients.


Thought Leadership | Regional | December 2021

M&A activities that shaped the securities services industry

The custodian industry is highly concentrated today, with 60% of the assets held by the top five custodians, the result of several decades of growth and consolidation

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Thought Leadership | Regional | April 2021

Introducing TSSAG

Mark Kerns underlines the unique role of TSSAG in driving connectivity and thought leadership in today's securities services industry – in his interview with Richard Schwartz


Research | Regional | March 2021

The third wave : Front-to-back outsourcing

Front-to-back outsourcing has become a new battleground for securities services providers in addressing the evolving needs of asset managers

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Thought Leadership | Regional | November 2020 

Unlocking China’s Domestic wealth

China’s asset management industry is much more vast than the 16.9 trillion RMB (US$2.39 trillion) mutual fund market which tends to be the focus of many foreign fund managers

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Research | Regional | July 20 

The Digital Asset Revolution

Digital assets are an emerging asset class that are supported by technology that will revolutionize how financial markets operate.

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Thought Leadership | Regional | September 2023

Fintica Revolutionizes Finance with Next-Gen AI Solutions

Introducing Fintica, a Hong Kong-based company on a mission to revolutionize the financial landscape by decoding the complexities of data through advanced AI technology.

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Thought Leadership | Regional | May 2022

Moving to T+1 Settlement

A major infrastructure change is set to be implemented in the next two years which will have a profound impact on global financial markets.

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Thought Leadership | Regional | February 2022

Digital Asset Custody

Adapa Advisory recently hosted a roundtable discussion on Digital Assets Custody that explored factors influencing current market demand, the scope of digital asset custody and potential future developments in this fast-developing segment of the market. With institutional interest in digital assets gaining momentum supported by an increasing number of available investment options, banks and other financial intermediaries are increasingly facing questions from potential investors and asset owners regarding  custody operating models and, as appropriate, custodian selection. 


For this and other insights relating to the drivers for institutional investment in digital assets please listen to the full discussion between Paul Maley, Global Head of Securities Services at Deutsche Bank, Maxime de Guillebon, CEO Zodia Custody and Mark Kerns, CEO Adapa Advisory and Chairman of TSSAG

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White Paper | Regional | September 2021

Next-Generation Network and Vendor Management: mitigating operational risk in relationship networks

The complex network of relationships that financial institutions have built with multiple partners has created ... published by A-Team Group


Thought Leadership | Regional | April 2021

The New Normal In Securities Services (Custody) and Others

TSSAG Members’ Views
From Asia, Africa, Americas, Europe and India:

India’s Benchmark Index BSE Sensex crossed the magical 50,000... published by BBF

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Research | Regional | January 2021

Digital Reflections – Being Real with Sustainable Strategies

The advent of new technologies such artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, 5G and quantum computing will reshape the financial services industry

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Research | Regional | October 2020 

Variable Capital Company (VCC) Singapore

The VCC is a common law corporate structure that is intended to support all types of Collective Investment Schemes.

Coin Manufacturing

Research | Regional | July 20 

DLT in the Real World

 Reaching across the entire financial services industry to provide uniquely comprehensive industry benchmarks around how we are planning, progressing and realising our DLT ambitions in the real world.

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Board member, TSSAG

TSSAG will be the rigorous arena in which synergies in thought and the cultivation of fine-tuned ideas will be created. Aiming for the best interest of our clients we will work hand in hand across the magnitude of our and other markets in which we operate.

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TSSAG members comprise a diverse range of leading institutions, from banks and asset managers to professional firms and market infrastructure service providers.

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