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Nelson Eduardo Pereira


The managing partner of NEO Consulting is Nelson Eduardo Pereira. He is a well-recognized financial services executive with 25 years of solid experience in Securities Services, Treasury, Pension Funds and Investments Funds in the local and international market. Nelson Eduardo has been an impact player in major institutions such as Citi, SWIFT, HSBC and Mercer Consulting.  Nelson Eduardo’s expertise in Securities Services has led him to participate in steering committees organised by the Brazilian Securities Commission on matters related to international investments, custody and depository services. 

He has been invited as a speaker for international events in São Paulo, New York, Cartagena, Brussels, London, Luxembourg, Osaka and Dubai.

MD, Neo Consulting



NEO Consulting


NEO Consulting leverages on more than 25 years of experience with the main custodians and securities services market infrastructures. NEO Consulting represents the next generation of Fiduciary Managed Services tailored for today’s investors and the tomorrow’s needs.    

Our goal is to aid international investors with their challenges based on our understanding of the evolving market structures, economics, and strategic and regulatory trends in all segments of the Brazilian financial services sector.  NEO Consulting has partners in Brazil, Latin America and Luxembourg ready to help you develop strategies for thriving in the future.



R. Itapimirum 550 , 05716-090  São Paulo SP

Phone: +55 11 981775500



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