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Matthieu Herbeau


After 25 years working for tier one banks (JP Morgan, BNP Paribas Securities Services and RBC Investor & Treasury Services more recently) and building a thorough expertise in foreign exchange (FX) solutions and other treasury products, Matthieu Herbeau created hd financial consulting to share that knowledge with all market participants involved in the investment process, where passively managed treasury flows can be optimized to generate a better outcome. Having started his career in financial markets operations and worked in multiple front office, product and projects management roles, his experience can be leveraged in organizational projects, business development or regulatory compliance matters.

CEO & Founder, hd financial consulting


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hd financial consulting


hd financial consulting is an independent advisory firm, offering advice and support to the entire spectrum of financial markets participants on Foreign Exchange (FX) and cash management matters:


  • Institutional investors: asset and wealth managers, sovereign wealth funds, pension funds, hedge funds

  • Banks, custodians, fund administrators, neo banks, broker-dealers

  • Consulting firms, technology firms, clearing houses, providers of financial services infrastructures

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71 rue d’Isly, 59000 Lille

Phone: +33 (0)638 648 237



hd financial consulting focuses primarily on foreign exchange, including FX execution, FX hedging and optimizing cash management. Those aspects of the investment cycle are invariably underestimated while a more rigorous approach has been proven to enhance funds’ performance and ultimately provide a better return. Achieving this is increasingly challenging with the need to demonstrate regulatory compliance in a permanently evolving environment.

hd financial consulting also provides its expertise across multiple asset classes for front to back organizational matters, project management and business development.

Institutional investors: support in the management of the entire FX execution process and the optimization of cash balances:

  • Daily FX needs to cover securities purchases and sales, and any related events

  • Emerging markets FX

Currency hedging: share class or portfolio level Banks, custodians and fund administrators: design FX and cash management solutions, provide subject matter expertise in front to back organizational reviews, lead or support projects with FX execution, currency hedging or cash management aspects, provide regulatory compliance advice, business development leads, market intelligence and competitor analysis.


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