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Lawrence Au

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I have been at the forefront of Asia’s financial industry for more than 35 years since its nascent development in the 1980s. For 16 years, I was the Asia Pacific CEO of BNP Paribas Securities Services and Northern Trust and was the driving force behind establishing their businesses from the ground up to become a market leader in the region. In my final years as chief executive, I provided leadership to over 2000 staff in eight countries and 10 offices in the Asia Pacific. I have also held senior roles at J.P. Morgan, The Bank of New York, Chase Manhattan Bank and Security Pacific National Bank.


I have a wealth of experience in corporate governance and was licensed Responsible Officer to the regulatory authorities in Singapore, Hong Kong, India and Australia for a number of financial entities which were under my oversight as senior executive.


I was presented with a Life-time Achievement Award by Asia Asset Management in 2016, in addition to several other prestigious industry recognitions. Recently, I was honoured as a recipient of the 2020 Vice Chancellor Alumni Excellence Award by University of Queensland, my alma mater in Australia.

The fascinating development of Asia’s financial industry has inspired me to publish a book - “Asia's Financial Industry 1986-2016" in English and Chinese versions. It is available on Amazon and other bookstores, and also as part of the collections in a number of universities and public libraries globally. 


I am passionate about sharing my experience and insight as a financial industry business leader to make a difference for your firm’s business growth in the Asia region.

Founder & CEO, The LaunchPad.Biz


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The LaunchPad.Biz is a consulting practice specialised in advising financial firms to achieve business success in Asia.

With decades of experience as an industry leader establishing and developing businesses in the region, we will accompany you to navigate through the region’s complexities and achieve your business goals. 


  • Strategy Review

  • Business Implementation

  • Opportunity Analysis

  • Project Evaluation

  • Fund Director

  • Board Trustee

  • Business Coaching

  • Start-Up Mentoring


We are passionate about helping you make a difference for your firm's business growth in the Asia region. Your success is our success. 

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Address: H8, Repulse Bay Road,

Hong Kong

Phone: +852 9360 2296



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