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Barnaby Nelson

The VX is my passion. Every component of #theValueExchange's platform has been tested and refined during my 15 years in financial services and banking. They have been my foundations as I have taken new business to #1 position (at Reuters; and at BNP Paribas); and driven under-performing units to market leadership (at Standard Chartered Bank).
I have lived the power and transformative strength of this process. Deep, client-centric data analysis; close sales tracking and highly visible market communication absolutely work: but never on their own. Now, with market insights and seamless execution together now in a single platform, I am 100% focused on fast-tracking tomorrow's market leaders.

CEO, #theValueExchange


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The ValueExchange is built to transform market sentiment into tangible sales opportunities and P&L growth for vendors and service providers in the financial services space. We do this by using innovative survey and data technology to deliver uniquely actionable, commercial insights that directly drive our clients P&L

Our core services include:
Market-wide research campaigns: working with vendors, media and industry associations to measure and quantify market sentiment on key industry themes – then turning those themes into unique, highly-visible, customer-facing insights for vendors
Agile customer insight projects: helping organisations to quantify and measure their client engagement – turning sales meetings into data-rich interactions that drive product and front line strategy
Deal support and coaching: leveraging our market neutrality to conduct thorough, data-based customer debriefs for key deals (wins and/or losses); and providing ongoing coaching and support for teams and individuals
Data, data, data: offering market participants flexible access to all of our data insights (using interactive dashboard platforms) so that you can form your own insights on key market trends and dynamics


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