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Adriana Tanasoiu

Adriana Tanasoiu is a financial sector specialist with over 25 years of professional experience in capital markets, gained in the process of establishing and developing the trading and post-trading capital market infrastructures of Romania, and internationally, as well as during the interaction with European Union institutions in the process of developing and implementing pan-European projects (such as the European Central Bank’s pan-European settlement system TARGET2 Securities) and European regulations and their associated regulatory and implementing technical standards (both trading and post-trading).

Ms. Tanasoiu managed numerous strategic projects throughout her career, aimed at developing capital markets in Europe and Asia. Ms. Tanasoiu has extensive executive and consulting experience in the design and implementation of strategic reforms, focused on establishing and developing trading and post-trading capital market infrastructures, including harmonizing local laws and regulations with the EU legislative framework.

CEO, Araliya Management Consulting


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Ms. Tanasoiu served as a member of the first ESMA’s (European Securities and Markets Authority) Securities and Markets Stakeholder Group for 2.5 years, and as a member of the ESMA Post Trade Consultative Working Group for 4 years. Ms. Tanasoiu was also a member of different European Central Bank advisory and steering committees, as follows: member of the ECB’s T2S Advisory Group for 6 years, member of the ECB's T2S CSDs Steering Committee (former CSDs Contact Group) for 5 years and member of the ECB's T2S Harmonization Steering Group for 2 years. Ms. Tanasoiu was a member of the Board of the ECSDA’s (European Central Securities Depositories Association) Board of Directors for 8 years and a member of the ECSDA's Executive Committee for 4.5 years. Ms. Tanasoiu chaired the ECSDA's Working Group on Harmonization and the T2S Romanian National User Group for 4 years. Ms. Tanasoiu was also a Member of the Consultative Committee of the Bucharest University of Economic Studies for 3 years.

Ms. Tanasoiu founded Araliya Management Consulting and has led it since its establishment.


Araliya Management Consulting


Phone: +40 744 504 310

Email: contact@araliyaglobal.com

Website: araliyaglobal.com

Araliya Management Consulting is headquartered in Bucharest, Romania and offers consulting services in international capital markets. We work in international projects with international donors, as well as in projects contracted directly by clients.

Our vision is to offer consulting services for developing and growing the world capital markets, and for building links between capital markets, in order to better serve investors, issuers and all categories of market participants. Our mission is to enable clients to (re)design and grow their business by providing independent, highly ethical and personalized consulting services, driven by client requirements.

Our clients are based in Eastern and South-Eastern Europe, Eastern Mediterranean, Western and Central Asia. We are expanding our service offering in other regions as well.

We work with central banks, financial supervisory authorities, trading venues, post-trading market infrastructures, industry associations and other categories of stakeholders.

In areas like:

  • Design development strategies for capital markets, trading venues, central securities depositories and other post-trade market infrastructures taking into account the requirements of all categories of stakeholders:

    • international investors

    • local investors

    • issuers

    • global custodians

    • local custodians

    • banks and brokers

    • trading venues

    • post-trade market infrastructures

    • central banks

    • financial supervisory authorities

  • Set up stock exchanges, central securities depositories and other post-trade market infrastructures

  • Build, operate and grow the business of trading venues, central securities depositories and other post-trade market infrastructures, streamline their operations and service offering, and improve their risk management function

  • Develop new services and products for a diverse client base

  • Align with applicable or upcoming legislation and regulations, including for European Union admission and global standards, in the most efficient way from a business perspective

  • Adopt and improve the technology to support a robust, efficient and safe operating environment, as well as opportunities for growing the business

  • Support market infrastructures to implement a business-oriented approach, while maintaining compliance with the applicable regulations, minimizing the risks and enabling the market development

  • Support develop regional cooperation in the trading and post-trading space, from loose forms of cooperation, such as building links and interfaces, and evolving to using common systems and other forms of consolidation

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